Vendor Spotlight: One Fine Day Productions

After all the time and money you spend on making sure your wedding is absolutely perfect, don’t you want to remember every detail? Hiring a professional videographer will help you cherish your special day forever, as well as share the memories with loved ones that weren’t able to be part of your celebration. One Fine Day Productions has been capturing the emotions and special moments of events since 2002 and is highly trusted by the CBE team. This local vendor is based out of Madison, WI but is available worldwide. OFDP films help tell the beautiful story of two people coming together. What a treasured keepsake to have! Check out their website and Facebook page to see some of their amazing work.

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Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are meant to be full of joy and laughter for everyone. In between all the food, dancing and cocktails there is plenty of downtime. Finding ways to keep your guests happy throughout your special day doesn’t have to be hard! You don’t want to spend any time worrying about entertaining your guests, so here are some ideas to ensure everyone is having a great time at your wedding. These activities work great because they keep your guests entertained and some even provide you with advice for the future. It’s the best of both worlds!

Wedding I Spy – This is an easy way to get your guests involved, as well as gather additional candid photos from your wedding. Tailor the list of pictures based on which moments you want captured. Ask your guests to take pictures with their phones and provide disposable cameras for the younger guests. One of your favorite wedding memories may come from a photo captured in I Spy!
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Giant Jenga – What a fun and competitive way to get your guests on their feet! This is the perfect game for young and old. By following this link you can even learn how to make your own Jenga set.

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RSVP Song Request Cards – Ensure that your guests will dance the night away to some of their favorite songs by allowing them to request a song. It’s also a creative way to encourage everyone to show off their best dance moves when their song comes on.

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Table Game Booklets – Leave a book and pen at each table for guests to write down a few words of advice for you and your loved one. You can come up with whatever questions you want answers to. Some other ideas include: what is your favorite vacation spot?, what should we name our first child?, what’s the secret to a happy marriage?.

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Mad Libs - Create your own Mad Libs cards for your guests to fill out. These cards are good conversation starters for your guests to get to know each other, as well as something funny for you to read afterwards. You could even bind the cards together and make a book out of them!

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Photo booth – You can’t go wrong with a photo booth! If you’ve already been to a wedding or even with a photo booth you know just how much fun they are! They encourage your guests to loosen up and have fun, and the photos make wonderful wedding favors. Say cheese!

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Real CBE Wedding: Heidi and Erik // August 17, 2013

We are very excited to share Heidi and Erik’s wedding from last summer! The O’Brien Barn in Brooklyn, WI was a perfect place for their rustic yet romantic soft look. We loved how the simple and elegant pastel flowers looked in mason jars for centerpieces. Bringing in some of the blue mason jars kept it modern yet within the soft look they wanted. We were so in love with the bridesmaid dresses, they all looked gorgeous! Heidi was stunning in her dress and everything came together beautifully! Thank you to Carly McCray Photography for the great pictures, and congratulations to the wonderful couple!

MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography078_zps8a940abf MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography006_zpsef4b39ef MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography054_zps9d008a23 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography047_zps3bf5cdb8 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography030_zpsd8068250 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography120_zps63ac186f MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography122_zps1a294b39 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography115_zps8a4db47a MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography112_zpsabf8b5db MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography114_zps2344b418 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography105_zpsf58b40f0 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography102_zps23255f93 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography090_zps044f1b72 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography094_zps74d1cabc MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography086_zps2702d348 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography081_zps39cb623a MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography057_zpse51a1f6e MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography046_zps514254a7 MadisonOBrienBarnWeddingbyCarlyMcCrayPhotography023_zps42e8e6eb


Planning a Destination Wedding – The Cost (2 of 2):

Weddings are a beautiful life changing event, yet they can cost a pretty penny.  Planning a destination wedding and keeping a budget can be a little tricky.  Keep in mind the cost of traveling and lodging.  Some couples are able to pay for family members and close friends to make the trip to the intimate gathering.  That option won’t be possible for everyone so you will need to weigh your dream location and your desire for a well attended ceremony.  But, with a lot of planning and time, you can find great deals for traveling.  Many hotels and resorts have group packaging deals; by researching places to stay, you can find good values. Your guest list may be small, but it will be the people you really want to be there. Remember in the end, it is not how much money you spend, but the memories you make. 


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Real CBE Event: Saris 25/40 Anniversary // June 29, 2014

Cocktails, great food, live music, a surprise from the UW Marching Band, walking the red carpet to a stage tent where you enjoy a show, and to top it off – a secret surprise…a special custom designed bike…for every Saris team member. What a party! What a fun and meaningful event! Happy Anniversary Saris! Thank you for having CBE be a part of it, and thank you to the wonderful team of vendors! Majic ProductionsLombardino’sA to Z Event Essentialsdaffodil parkerSugar River StationersLaura Zastrow Photography

Photography credit – Laura Zastrow Photography (thank you for the great pictures!)

10526076_830398683638235_2051886402050791949_n 10491108_830398693638234_1741014195030717127_n10565184_830398686971568_4015183958292498788_n10410197_830398716971565_3040051792089765864_n   10520755_830398763638227_8914576994105983888_n 10565017_830398766971560_1039188924853086793_n 10536919_830398770304893_833537744902581448_n 10556393_830398723638231_3879078144090784669_n 5312_830398810304889_1042120586797023301_n 10433087_830398830304887_3632693221135158825_n 10541942_830398896971547_2693106483202054823_n  10527384_830398846971552_3675855406248199805_n10533551_830398946971542_5187133387388036667_n 10565097_830398973638206_6583654530551187013_n10411852_830399013638202_2593555370583501801_n  10449460_830398836971553_2809936914644125929_n 10527788_830398720304898_5534542871398344201_n

Planning a Destination Wedding – The Location (1 of 2):

Many dream of a beautiful destination wedding whether it’s Ireland, Hawaii, Australia, or some other favorite place. You may know exactly where you want to go, but sometimes deciding can be difficult. There are a few factors that may help you figure out where you want to go.
First off, how far you want to go will have an impact on how many family and friends you should invite, and how many will realistically be able to attend. Make sure your hotel/resort has all of the right accommodations. Think through what activities will be happening for the wedding – but also what activities your guests may want to do in their free time. Choose a resort that suites the needs of the guests coming (ie. lots of kids, or is it all adults, etc.) Another factor that may affect where you choose to have a destination wedding is timing. Having a destination wedding in the winter (over the Holidays) or the summer are often the better times. This is because more people may be more likely to have off of work or school at that time.

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Maid of Honor: The Wing-Woman

Being chosen as the Maid of Honor (MOH), is well, quite the honor. The MOH is the ‘wing-woman’ to the bride, she must be able to tackle any tasks that come her way. A MOH should be organized, be supportive of the couple, be ready to take on anything that comes their way, and always be there for the bride.

Wing-Woman Duties Before the Wedding:

-Be in charge of the bridesmaids and help shop for the bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

-Assist the bride in choosing a dress, picking a color scheme, deciding on decorations, and attending to those many last-minute emergencies. She will be counting on your help and your honest opinion.

-Host or co-host the bridal shower and plan the bachelorette party.

Wing-Woman Duties at the Wedding and Reception:

-Keep things light; smile and keep others smiling.

-Make sure all the bridesmaids have their hair and make-up done and are dressed on time.

-Hold the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring during the ceremony.

-Give a toast to the newlyweds.

-Make sure the bride is calm, happy, refreshed, and fed.

The Maid of Honor isn’t someone who is there just during the ceremony; she will be there for the bride before and after the wedding. She is there to support, cheerlead, assist, advise, and problem-solve and to make sure the wedding day is that day that the bride has dreamed of for a long time!


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