“Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Gift Ideas: Crafty Fabric Spool (2 of 3)

 Are you a crafty Bride looking for a unique way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day? Todayʼs sweet idea comes from the Choosing You Etsy shop. Although you can purchase these beautiful vintage inspired spools, they can also be assembled quite simply at home.
You will need:
old thread spool
3×18 inch piece of light, worn fabric
rubber stamps
stamp ink
craft glue
piece of ribbon or twine to tie it all up
First, stamp the piece of fabric with the message you want to use. Start stamping about 3 inches into the end of the fabric so that the message is visible when the spool is fully unraveled. You can personalize them with names, or just simply stamp “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”. Second, take the stamped piece of fabric and glue the appropriate end to the spool, so that when the fabric is rolled up, the message is hidden. Then, wrap the fabric around the spool and tie it closed with the ribbon or twine. Itʼs as simple at that! A cute, simple, and fun way to show your maids how much they mean to you!

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