Mix it up: A Trend in Bridesmaid Dresses

Here at CBE we love keeping up with all of the latest wedding attire trends. Plus, who doesn’t love a pretty dress. One of the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses seems to be a mismatched, but coordinated look.  There are many different ways to pull this style off:

1) Choose one color that you want the bridesmaid dresses to be, and select a few styles for them to choose from. This way you can keep them all one color and fabric, but let them choose the dress that best fits them!


2)  Choose one color and let the bridesmaids choose any dress and any style in that color. This allows for more creativity in your maids’ dress selection. By sticking to one color, but allowing different shades, it allows for each of your ‘maids to show off their personality and allows you to display a beautiful array of your signature wedding color! This is a great idea for brides whose wedding party may live in various locations.

3) This third way is possibly the most daring, but could also turn out to be the most creative and lovely.  Choose a color palette for your bridesmaids to follow and allow them to choose a dress in any color, in any shade, any dress. Of course the bride has her say in which dresses make it down the aisle, but it could be a fun thing for all of you to piece together. We anticipate that this dress selection process will show up in many of the 2012 weddings, but it could be made to fit any style!


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