Wedding Programs: The Self-Stich (1 of 3)

Every wedding has a wedding program- whether it’s a single chalkboard for the guests to admire when they walk through the doors, or a folded booklet given to each person by the ushers, they are a wedding staple! In this mini- series we will show you some fun and easy wedding program ideas that are definitely CBE approved!  The first of these beauties involves the use of a sewing machine! No fear, non-sewing brides, it is pretty simple! All you will need is pages for your program booklet, a sewing machine, and thick thread to do the stich with. A standard size program is 5×7. Make sure the program is no more than 5 pages of cardstock thick, so it can easily be fed through the sewing machine. You can create your program booklet as elaborate or as simple as you like. Choose pretty printed papers for a more rustic look, or keep it simple with plain paper and a  beautiful font for a more classic look.

Both of these programs use stitching to bind them together, but create totally different looks. The one on the left uses a standard zig-zag stitch, and the one on the right uses a chain stitch. All standard sewing machines have these two stiches.

There are so many ways to spice- up these DIY programs- take a look at these gorgeous stitched programs and the tutorials that follow:

Tutorial (1) & (2)


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