All Things Chalk: More Than A Chalkboard

On our latest blog post we featured a fun and eco-friendly chalkboard wedding program.  This fabulous idea got us thinking about all of the fun and oh-so- pretty uses for chalkboards and chalkboard paint in weddings these days. Take a look at all of the neat ideas we found! They are bound to add a fun twist to any style wedding!

1) Table numbers

This is a simple and crafty way to display table numbers on your guest tables.


Whether it’s a sign tucked into a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a simple, yet elegant frame, or a unique bottle painted with chalkboard paint, using chalkboards in your table numbers adds a rustic touch.

2) Escort Cards

Use chalk to help your guests find their seat!


Using mason jars or wine glasses to display your guests’ names is a two for one: help them find their seat and give them a fun favor that they can use throughout the night! Want to display lists of names instead of doing individual cards? Chalkboards are perfect for a beautiful name display!

3) Signs

Although this is the most common use of chalkboards, there are so many unique ways to use them in modern weddings, we couldn’t help but display some beautiful ideas!


We love the idea of displaying signature drinks and menus on chalkboards! It is a great way to tell your guests what they will be eating and drinking throughout the night. As for a dessert bar display- how can you not LOVE these embroidery hoop signs!?

No matter how you spin it, chalkboards add the perfect amount of detail to any table, display, or centerpiece!

All photos courtesy of our Pintrest boards.


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