Make A Wish, Take A Wish: Guest Books

A wedding day is often filled with lots of laughing and excitement, as you’re surrounded by your friends and family. It is the day that you have been waiting for, and most likely dreaming about for weeks, months and even years. As your special day concludes, you are left with the wonderful memories and photographs from that miraculous day. Yet, photographs need not to be the only tangible memory of the day. Guest books are yet another way to reflect back on your wedding and the day that your friends and families were all gathered round to celebrate your love.

There are many creative ideas for one’s own wedding guest book! This is just one idea that we found extremely unique. In this picture the couple have chosen to set up a table with two jars. Their guests can “make a wish” for the newlyweds and drop it in the jar. After, the guests write a wish, he or she can “take a wish” that the couple has created on their own. Not only is this an interactive and meaningful way to present your guest book, but it leaves you with yet something else to look forward to after the wedding. These “guest book wishes” will be tokens from your wedding, that you can keep for years to come, and something that your guests will never forget.

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