Kid Friendly Weddings: 1 of 3- Coloring!

The decision to make your wedding open to both adults and children is often a hard choice that a bride and groom must make. In one aspect, the bride and groom may feel that their entire wedding party (the flower girls and ring bearers included), should be in attendance at both their ceremony and their reception. Yet on the other hand, the couple must decide how exactly to entertain the children as both their parents and the other guests want to be able to partake in wedding day activities as well. Fortunately, there are some great ideas as to how to entertain children on your wedding day, while also enjoying their presence as well!

It may seem obvious, yet it is safe to say that most kids love coloring. When given a couple of crayons and a coloring book, children will enter that coloring realm, and their attention will be strictly on finishing their picture.Because of this, creating a kids table is often a great idea. At this table you can give each child their own set of crayons and a coloring book. Some couples even create a coloring book that incorporates their wedding details into it as well. With just a couple of crayons and a sheet of paper (or ten), your guests’ children will be completely focused on their creations as the rest of you can enjoy the great music and company.


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