Bridesmaid Gifts: Baskets (1 of 3)

The women that you choose as your bridesmaids are not just the women that will be there for the day of your wedding. These women will be with you through each step, as you begin the wonderful process of wedding planning. They have been there for you even before your marriage, and will now guide you as you prepare for your special day. This support is something that should not be left unnoticed. There are many unique ideas as to what you can do to acknowledge your bridesmaids’ support and friendship. From a simple note, to what looks like a care package, your bridesmaid’s will both appreciate and enjoy this recognition.

This first idea consists of using some sort of basket or container that you can place different items in. In the picture on the right, the bride has chosen to give her bridesmaid a shirt with the words “Bridesmaid” on the front. She then filled the box with different items that would be needed for the day of the wedding. As well as filling the box with different wedding day “must haves,” you could also fill the bags with more personal items for each bridesmaid. There are so many different ways that you can create this gift! This type of gift is extremely meaningful, as it shows your bridesmaids that you really took the time and care very deeply. It will also be a fun activity for you as well! These “bridesmaid gift bags and packages” are a creative way to say “thank you” before you say “I do.”

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