Until Death Do Us Part: A Halloween Wedding!

“Until Death Do Us Part;” a meaningful phrase, recited in many vows. Yet, who said that it can’t be a quirky spin on your wedding? And what would be a better (or more ironic) way to start your lives together, than by having your actual wedding on the “day of the dead:” halloween?

Many couples choose to incorporate a theme into their wedding. Choosing halloween for your wedding day, can give you the opportunity for so many unique and creative twists for your ceremony and reception.

Having your wedding day on Halloween, can offer you a wide range of options for entertainment, catering, and décor. For a fun-hearted couple, you may choose to include games such as Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe, Pumpkin Bowling, Can toss, or “Bone bender.”

Along or instead of a cake, you may choose to create a dessert table, comprised of caramel apples and candy corn. Lastly, the fall colors of oranges and reds, can be an absolutely beautiful color scheme for your wedding reception.
With token objects, such as pumpkins and candy, a halloween wedding, adds yet one more dimension of uniqueness to your wedding day. The options and ideas for this day are endless. Whether you choose to use “Fall” colors or create a spooky atmosphere for your wedding, choosing Halloween for you wedding day, can be both memorable and fun!


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