Kid Friendly Weddings: Kids Only (2 of 3)

For many parents, finding a caretaker for their child on your wedding day, may be somewhat of a challenge. Allowing your guests to bring their kids may seem as though a burden has been lifted from their shoulders – but you also want your guests to be able to enjoy a carefree night with little worries. Many couples are choosing to invite both their friends and family, with the option of bringing their children as well. For the kids, there is a separate room (with a hired babysitter), in which they can enjoy hanging out with each other, while being entertained as well. Many children will cling to their mothers and fathers if they are in plain sight. By adding this “kids room”, the children will be distracted by the different activities and most likely forget that mommy and daddy are not there. Try creating a sign that says “Kid Club House” or “Kids Only.” Just push play for a movie, supply a meal and both children and adults will be able to enjoy a fun and stress free night. We suggest making it a Pizza Party =)

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