Grand Entrances: Doors (1 of 2)

It is the moment that you have been dreaming of for weeks, months and sometimes even years. The symphony begins and you take that first step towards the person you have chosen to commit yourself to for years to come. With that one step, your guests, wedding party and groom all stare, in awe of your beauty, as this day is all about you and your love, and nobody else. So what type of entrance would you like to make? Many couples take advantage of the opportunity to design a barrier to which you make those first steps through. Whether it be a door, curtains or another unique idea, your first steps will impact your guests even more than you had ever expected.

For an outdoor wedding, a set of doors between you and your guests, will create a beautiful entrance into your ceremony. In the picture below, the couple created a classy and unique entrance by putting these doors in front of the ceremony, amidst a field of grass. This idea adds a different feel to the wedding, while also giving the bride an entrance that no one will ever forget!

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