The French Manicure: To The Next Level

Every bride wants to look head-to-toe stunning on her wedding day, including the ideal dress, heels to dance all night in, and flawless hair. With all that to be considered, it’s easy to see why your nails might take back seat in the preparation process. But as you’ve probably surmised from the never-ending stream of manicure photos on Instagram, nail art is having a huge moment. What’s stopping you from parlaying this trend into your wedding day? That said, you might not want crazy colors or designs that could distract from the gorgeous ring on your left hand, so subtlety is key. Take, for example, the manicure pictured below. It’s an elevated take on the French manicure, which is a wedding day standard. The metallic tips add a hint of personality, but the soft, matte pink polish insures a feminine and romantic feeling.  Ladies, take note: a freshly painted set of nails (both on your hands and toes) is a wedding detail that shouldn’t be ignored.

Metallic French Manicure

Photography credit: Elle and Blair 

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