Combo Card: RSVP + Song Request

After re-watching the film Bridesmaids (for the umpteenth time), I got to thinking about all the over-the-top preparations that went into fictional bride Lillian’s wedding. For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of seeing this witty and ridiculously quotable movie, you may remember the talking RSVP card box complete with a live butterfly. I think we can all agree this is a little extravagant—let’s save the butterfly release for after the ceremony, people. A more laidback but no less creative RSVP option comes in the form of a response-cum-song request card. Allowing guests to pick their favorite get-down-on-the-dance-floor jam will ensure they have a good time during the reception and take the pressure off you when attempting to create a cohesive playlist for your hired DJ or band. Happy guests and a happy couple…what could be better than that?


Photography credit: A Paper Proposal

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