Wedding Day Bag: Emergency Kit

As much as every bride wants her wedding day to run without a glitch, accidents happen—heels break, seams rip, and weather wreaks havoc on everyone’s hair. To avoid a total melt down and/or going Bridezilla on your closest friends and family, plan for the unexpected by creating a wedding emergency kit. First find a cute bag to stash all the essentials, and assign one of your bridesmaids to designated bag-holder duty. Every bride’s kit will be a little different, but some must-haves include Aspirin (or any other pain reducer), a water bottle, super glue, and extra bobby pins. Below is a more complete checklist of what to include in your wedding emergency kit. In fact, Cherry Blossom Events even creates our own emergency kits (which include these items and more) for brides using our event planning services. When it comes to your wedding day, remember to abide by the Boy Scout’s motto and be prepared.


Photography credit: Simply Bridal

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