Summer Wedding Hors D’eouvres: Watermelon Cubes (1 of 2)

Despite its not-so-fashionably late arrival, summer is unquestionably on the horizon. The thermometer mercury is rising, days are getting longer, and the once-unadorned foliage is giving way to green buds. As exciting as the season change is, we all know Wisconsin summers have a few downfalls as well. Think mosquitoes, sunburns, and days so humid you feel as though you’re swimming through the air. For successful summer nuptials, keep these factors in mind when deciding what fare to put on your wedding day menu.

For example, the watermelon snacks pictured below will be precisely the refreshing hors d’eouvres your guests crave on a smoldering summer day. In addition to the satisfying flavor, these cubes, filled with French feta and tarragon-balsamic syrup, add an indisputable elegance to your menu.


Photography credit: Wolfgang Puck


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