Sweet Summer: Shower Styles

Whether it’s your first time hosting one, or you’re a pro just running out of ideas, here are some tips on throwing a lovely summer wedding shower.

  1. Tailor it to the bride’s style.  We all know it can be easy to fall into the “I like it, so she will too” mindset.  However, be mindful of what your friend would actually want.  Elegant, girly, or goofy, you want the party to be something she will want to remember forever.
  2. Keep it simple and fun.  A few DIY projects or elaborate invitations can seem great, but make sure you don’t run yourself into crazy stress mode.  This is meant to be a fun day for friends to celebrate.  Make sure your sanity comes before the 50 hand-stitched wedding gown favor bags.
  3. Pick one theme or color scheme.  Your friend likely has many sides to her personality, but throwing too many random ideas together can be cause for disaster. Stuck between a summer beach party or a chic cityscape evening?  No worries.  Check out ideas online to see what seems more feasible (Pinterest, anyone??) or consult the bride or other friends about what seems most fitting.

Also, check out some wonderful shower inspiration photos we have found!  Happy planning!

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