So You’re Going To Sit Through A Wedding: Fun Informational Pamphlet

To ensure their guests weren’t lulled to sleep by a dull ceremony or confused by any of the reception details, this quirky couple created a humorous informational pamphlet for their guests. Entitled (not so pithily), “So You’re Going to Sit Through a Wedding: A Practical Guide to Not Falling Asleep And Figuring Out Just What Exactly is Going On During Derek & Alexa’s Nuptials,” the bride and groom answered important questions such as: what activities are available in between the ceremony and the reception, how to locate your table, and where to order drinks. This ingenious pamphlet is essentially a culmination of witty answers to wedding day FAQ’s. Furthermore, it’s an ideal way to entertain your guests and show off your creative personality as a couple.

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Photography credit: Off Beat Bride


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