Backyard Picnic Party: Last Days Of Summer

The beautiful, warm, Wisconsin weather is at our fingertips, but not for long.  With fall fast approaching and August just days away, it’s a great time to think about ways to soak up the heat and spend time with friends.  Plan a sweet soiree to toast friendship, fun, and the outdoors!  Day or night, young or old, a picnic is sure to please.  We love the idea of individual baskets for guests to grab some handheld treats and lounge around in the summer sun.  Or, host an elegant movie night with dinner served on the lawn.  Pack individual servings of your favorites into mason jars, cups, or wrapped in paper for a mess-free meal with ease. You can easily impress your friends by adding chalkboard signs or cute stationary cut-outs to polish off the delicious menu. Some simple lanterns and blankets strewn around the yard will strategically attract guests to take a seat in your party paradise.  Enjoy!

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