Cuff Him: Linked To The Big Day

Grooms, your wedding day is no time to be arrested; however, it is one of the few times it’s acceptable to be in cuffs…cufflinks, that is. Show your bride you know how to flex your sartorial muscles, and don a pair of cufflinks with some serious wedding day panache. For example, incorporate a touch of personalization with cuffs that bare you and your soon-to-be life partner’s initials. Another option is to style yourself in cufflinks that fit the theme of your wedding, like the wooden pair pictured below that display a decidedly rustic aesthetic. Cufflinks also make for phenomenal groomsmen gifts. Whether sporting cuffs that highlight a favorite pastime or wearing a pair that integrates a quirky phrase, cufflinks are an ideal way to subtly display your rarefied taste.

cufflinks CBE

Photography credit: Etsy, Etsy, Pinterest, Etsy


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