Mismatched Bridesmaids: Color, Length, Style

Deciding on a wedding dress was hard enough. Now your faced with the task of choosing dresses that will flatter the body types, skin tones, and hair cuts of an entire group of ladies?! Breathe. It will be ok, I promise! Not only are mismatched dresses a popular wedding trend, but they also make it easy to flatter each one of your friends. Whether you choose to switch up the style, length, or color of the dress, make sure you keep one element consistent to pull the look together.

Shades of Color: 

Ombres create a beautiful cascade effect of different colors. Choose a color you like and find dresses that range from light to dark shades. Using a paint pallet from a hardware store can help. Let your bridesmaids pick what color they prefer and what looks best on their skin tone. Finish the look by keeping the shoes and jewelry the same.


Photography Credit: www.cescapheballroom.com


Playing with different lengths is daring, but if done right, can be interesting and eye-catching. If you’re worried about coordination, find dresses within the same collection or made by the same designer.


Photography Credit: Vogue via Glafki’s Dolce Vita


Women know their bodies better than anyone else, so loosen the reigns and let your ladies decide what style best fits their figure and their personality. Your ladies will appreciate you for it.


Photography Credit: Di Bezi Photography via stylemepretty.com


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