Tech-Savvy Wedding: Instant Memories (1 of 2)

Why wait weeks to see your professional wedding photos when you can re-live your special day in a matter of seconds through social media!? In a world of hashtags, photo sharing and Facebook tagging, we thought it more than appropriate to use these online tools and tricks to capture the moment at your wedding.


As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, this app is a great way to organize your guest’s pictures online. Create a hashtag specific to your wedding i.e. #peterandalicewedding2013, so that your guests can search the hashtag name and find all the pictures in one location. Tell your guests about your wedding hashtag by including the information on the ceremony program or create a cute sign and place it in an area that is sure to be seen.


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Photo Credit:

From Digital to Hardcopy:

But wait there’s more! Online photos makes sharing them with your friends and family easy, but it’s always nice to have a few hardcopies to frame and display around the house. is a great website that prints your Instagram photos for a reasonable price. Get creative by using your prints to create calendars, mini booklets, stickers, and even posters! These make great gifts too!

Check out their website here for more information.


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