BOO: Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for a way to spice up your Halloween party this year? Check out the ideas below, and you’ll have all your friends talking about your spooky get together all year long.

The Decorations:

Everyone knows pumpkins are great decorations for a Halloween party, but get some extra use out of them to keep the beverages cold! Simply hollow out the pumpkin, add some ice, and you have got yourself some very useful decorations.

Plus try adding some spiders, and other creepy crawlers to your favorite flowers, and watch your normal centerpieces transform into a creepy addition!

The Food:

There are several dishes that can be made to look a little creepy, but our favorite is the ribs centerpiece shown below. The finished product will look disgusting but taste delicious, making it the perfect trick or treat food element. Check out the recipe here!

If you are looking for something to please the kids as well as the adults, make some “mummy dogs” and watch them disappear in no time. The recipe  is simple and easy, but oh so cute.

The Games:

Pumpkin Balloon Darts is the perfect game because it doubles as decorations and a fun activity! Just arrange the orange balloons in the shape of a pumpkin with some construction paper, and you have the perfect wall art for your party. Then as the party gets going, allow guests to take a shot at the “dart board.”


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