Off-Season Weddings: Perfect Planning (1 of 2)

Traditionally, people aim to have their wedding sometime during the months between May and October. However, an off-season wedding cannot only be a refreshing change of pace, but can also offer a number of unexpected benefits. This isn’t to say we don’t love our high season of weddings, but if you are considering going in a different direction, keep in mind these benefits.

1. Your Perfect Place is Actually Available:

One of the best benefits of having an off-season wedding is it can open up your options, because there is less of a demand. This means you might not have to plan so far in advance to get that perfect location, photographer, or musician…and well, that’s just great.
2. You Can Save Some Money

As we said before, many of the things involved in your special day are in less demand during the off-season, which means you might get lucky and score a great deal! Take that extra cash and extend your honeymoon a day or two…you won’t regret it.
3. Being Different is Fun

There are so many little differences involved in an off-season wedding, from different colors to different scenery – a lot from the changing seasons. These aspects can make your wedding stand out, and allow for fun experimentation and old traditions.
4. People are Less Busy

Summer has so many wonderful things to offer (that’s probably why it is traditionally full of weddings) but that also means a lot of people are busy with vacations or other activities. Having an off-season wedding could mean more people can make it, since they typically have less going on.

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