Some Favorite Details: Head to Toe (1 of 2)

After once again spending far too many hours on Pinterest checking out all of the wedding trends, we decided to share some of our favorite details of the day.

Hair Embellishments:

Hair embellishments can be a fun way to add some additional flair to your look, and the best part is there are so many different directions you can go. We are partial to anything that is vintage inspired, but also love ideas that incorporate nature or a personal touch of the couple. Check out some of the pictures below for ideas:

Dramatic Veils:

The opinion on veils seems to be different for each bride, and we love that it is that way! For some ladies, going veil-less works perfectly for the vision they had in mind. However if you have always imagined the veil being a detail you want to include, consider the dramatic veil trend as an option. Dramatic veils have the potential to make a big impact, and who doesn’t want everyone looking at them in awe on their big day? There are so many different options with this trend, it is easy for the bride to find the right one for them if they choose to go the dramatic veil route. Check out some of our favorite ideas:


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