Some Favorite Details: Head to Toe (2 of 2)

As we said in our last post, we love focusing on the details of a wedding. After scouring the web, we found some more great ideas to consider when planning and included some of our favorites below.

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts:

Taking the time to let your bridal party know how important they are can be a thoughtful gesture, and personalized bridal party gifts can really go the extra mile. Even if it is something small, it is sure to mean a lot to the person you are giving it too. From thoughtful to funny, there are tons of options for personalization. As a bonus, they’ll have something to keep to remember your big day! 


Unique Guest Books

Guest books are filled with great advice and memories, so why let them collect dust on a shelf? Consider trying an alternative guest book, that way you can allow it to be on display and close at hand following the wedding. Don’t get us wrong—we love traditions, but putting a twist on things is always fun!

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