Beautiful Brides: Makeup Trends

Through all the eating, dancing, and kissing, we want our bride’s makeup to look beautiful from the time they walk down the aisle to the final farewells at the reception. Makeup should be a reflection of your personality, so have fun playing with looks that make you feel your best! Here are some bridal makeup trends we love!

1. The Au-Naturale Healthy Glow

This is the perfect look for brides who want a healthy natural look on their wedding day. To be honest, this look isn’t totally natural, but it’s about the illusion of looking flawless!


 Achieve this look:


  • Moisturize: Skin needs moisture so prep your skin before makeup.

Tip: Control oil on your face by using a product called Milk of  Magnesia. It’s actually a laxative, but many makeup artists swear by it to absorb oil and control shine! Just apply with a cotton ball like you would a moisturizer and it will mattify your face before your eyes! Look for this inexpensive product at most drugstores.

  • Prime:  Use a primer to fill in fine lines and hide the look of large pores
  • Foundation: find a shade that matches your skin color – apply as much or as little coverage as you wish
  • Conceal: Hide any imperfections with a concealer


  • Green concealers neutralize redness (rosacea or blemishes)
  • Yellow concealers neutralize blue (dark under eye circles)
  • Lavender concealers neutralize yellowness
  • Powder: Set your foundation and concealer with a powder – a translucent powder works great to avoid looking “cakey” with makeup
  • Bronzer & Blush: Apply a bronzer and a peachy blush for that beautiful glow

Tip: applying a highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and above your cupids bow will also add a little shimmer without looking too shiny


  • Waterproof mascara

Tip:  Fake eyelashes can add a little drama to your eyes while still looking natural

  • Apply a neutral eye shadow, brown and gold colors will help with the desired glow effect


  • Find a lipstick in a peachy pink color to finish off the look

Tip: Achieve a healthy glow at the salon. Spray tans come in a variety of shades from a light glow to a deep tan. Try out which shade you like best a month or two before your wedding.

2. Old Hollywood Glam 

This look is a classic and sophisticated. Channel your inner Hollywood star and have fun with this look!

hollywood glamAchieve this look:


  • Use a black eyeliner to create a wing effect. Go as subtle or as dramatic as you wish!


  • Go bold with a red lipstick or red lip stain

Tip: Go all out by creating sleek 1940s style waves in your hair using hot rollers or a curling iron. 

3. Bombshell beauty

Going for a sultry look on your big day? Here’s how to create this look.

bombshellAchieve this look:


  • Create a smoky eye. Use black eye shadows for a more dramatic look and lighter browns or grays for a less intense effect.


  • Apply a neutral or light peachy pink lip color to balance out the dramatic eye

These tips and tricks are just a guide to experiment with and have fun finding which look best suits you. Remember, this is your day, so go for whatever makes you feel your best! 

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