Mind Your Manners: A Bride’s Thank You Guide (1 of 2)

1. Sending thank you cards out to your family and friends in a timely manner shows your appreciation and gratitude towards your guests. Make a list of the gifts you receive, whom they’re from, and the date you receive them to stay organized. It is best to start writing thank you cards as soon as gifts start arriving. Follow this timeline for all of your wedding festivities:

  •  Engagement party and shower : 2-3 weeks of celebration
  • Gifts sent before the wedding : ASAP or before the wedding
  • Gifts received on wedding day : within 3 months
  • Gifts received after wedding day : 2-3 weeks

–       Tip – better late than never: Still send thank you notes out no matter how long the wait. Make sure to acknowledge the late date by writing something like this: “Many apologies for the tardiness of my note. In the excitement of the wedding, I somehow managed to separate your gift from your card.”

2. Can you use email? – Sorry ladies and gents, but handwritten notes only for such a special occasion.

3. The best thank you cards come from the heart. Set aside time with you and your partner to come up with thoughtful messages to each guest. Yes, this will be time consuming, but a genuine thank you is the least you can do for those who have spent their time and money on you!

Make sure you DO:

  • Mention the gift – This makes the note more personal and lets the gift-giver know you remember what he or she gave you.
  • Express your appreciation for the gift and how you will use it.
  • Thank the guest for attending the wedding. For out of town guests, make sure you acknowledge how far they traveled to attend.

–       Tip: If the gift-giver did not attend the wedding, express how you wish they could have been there. You can even extend an invitation to get together to catch up and show them wedding pictures.

  • Be sincere and gracious. Try to avoid cliché phrases like “Thank you for your generous gift” or “From the bottom of my heart.” Instead, mention a moment you shared with that person at the wedding to let her or she know you enjoyed their company.

Make sure you DON’T:

  • Mention if you returned a gift: Simply thank the guest for the gift.
  • Mention money amount or form (cash, check etc.) if you receive a monetary gift. Instead thank he or she for the generous gift and tell them how you plan to use it.
  • Misspell names. Double check their Facebook page if you have to!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 3.35.12 PM 4.    Use good stationary! – There are plenty of cute and unique cards on Minted.com. For an extra touch, personalize your cards with your names on the front.

5. Include Pictures! – Depending on when you receive your wedding photos from the photographer, you may include a picture from the big day. Although this is not necessary, it is nice to include.

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