Mind Your Manners: A Bride’s Thank You Guide (2 of 2)

Custom Cards – Adding a personal touch, whether it’s a photograph, monogram, or your own design, shows your guests you appreciate their company. Plus, your heartfelt notes are one of a kind!

1. Add a Photo 

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2. Use a Monogram

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3. Choose Unique Stationary 

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4. DIY: Whether you are a crafter at heart or just want to add a little something extra to your pre-ordered thank you cards, these DIY ideas are sure to inspire.

Card 1: To achieve a vintage feel, simply glue a paper doily to your card. How dainty!

Card 2: Add a strip of burlap to the side of your card and secure with glue. Use a stencil to cut out paper hearts and glue them on top of the material for a layered effect.

Card 3: Purchase an embosser at your local craft store and go to town stamping prepackaged cards and envelopes. You can have personalized plates made at office-supply stores.

Upload your own design using sites like weddingpaperdivas.com or shutterfly.com

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