The It Bag: Maid of Honor Must Have

Every Maid of Honor needs to have an ‘It Bag.’  This ‘bag of tricks’ essentially keeps the bride in top form and holds the wedding together.  From tears, to tears, to spills—you will be 100% prepared. 

What you need: 

-A Bag

A cute bag that will be light enough to carry around all night, but that will hold everything you need. 

-A Bottle of Mini Hairspray, a Comb, and Bobby Pins. 

Theres bound to be some type of hair malfunction, but with the It Bag, youll be prepared. 

-Waterproof Mascara and Kleenex 

Weddings are full of emotion, so be prepared for the waterworks.  

-Cover Up

You never know when a pimple might put a sneak attack on the bride, you or anyone else in the bridal party.  Get ready to fight back!

-Sunscreen and a Fan 

If it is a hot summer day, a simple paper fan will cool of the bride.  Also, you dont want the beautiful bride to be burning up, so a travel-sized sunscreen    would do the trick.  The bride needs a warm glow, not red face.

-Deodorant and Body Spray 

Running around all day, the bride (and you) may get a little sweaty.  Be prepared with some deodorant and a spritz of body spray to freshen up. 


Oh no, the bride spilled a little red wine on her dress! Luckily, youll have a Tide-to-Go pen to help.

-Mini Sewing Kit

Heaven forbid there should be a tear, but if there is one, youll be ready to stitch it up!  (Sew handy!)


Weddings can create some chaos, so the bride (or anyone in the bridal party) may start to get a headache, having a some pain reliever in your It Bag will come in handy!

-A Snack

Fruit snacks, crackers, pretzels, you name it.  Having a snack on hand will help calm the nerves. 

Now that you have the essential It Bag; you will be the most prepared and the best maid of honor a bride could ask for.  The greatest part is, when you work with CBE, we will provide you an emergency kit with all of these essential items!  


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