Bouquet: To Show & To Throw (2 of 2)

So you’ve spent the time, thought, and money to create your perfect bouquet…now what? Not to worry, CBE has some great ideas on how to save your bouquet after the ceremony!

1. Instead of tossing the actual bouquet you carry down the aisle, ask your florist to make a similar but lighter arrangement to toss. Better yet, a new and fun trend is to create a miniature version of your own bouquet that breaks apart when tossed! They can be made to break into 3-5 separate bouquets which is surprising for your guests and makes more than one lucky lady happy!


2. After your wedding, the flowers from your bouquet will not stay fresh for long. Save and dry some of the petals, and then you can create your own wedding memory capsule Christmas ornament. All you have to do is remove the cap, gently deposit the petals inside, replace the cap, and tie it to a bow. For the especially crafty brides, you could even etch your wedding date onto the glass bulb. This is a simple and sweet reminder of your wedding day!


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