Bake-Off: Cupcakes (2 of 3)

Serving dessert to hundreds of guests isnt always a piece of cake.  In a non-traditional venue such as a barn, cutting, plating, and serving wedding cake can sometimes be a crumby operation.  Cupcakes are great alternative, they are easy and quick to serve. With cupcakes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what flavors, colors and decorations you prefer.  They can all be the same, or you can mix it up with different flavors.  When you choose multiple flavors, make sure there is a way to tell which flavor is what and provide cute signs to identify the flavors.  You can do this by having different colors or flavors of frosting or different cupcake wrappers for each flavor.  With an array of different cupcakes, you can be sure all your guests find something to suit their fancy. Still want a cake cutting picture of the happy couple?  Plan to have a super-sized cupcake or a petite cake displayed with your cupcakes.  You can enjoy the ease of serving cupcakes and not lose the sentimental cake cutting moment! 


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