Happy Hearts: Happy Guests


Besides keeping the bride happy, keeping your guests happy at your wedding and reception is the second most important objective of the day. 


During the Wedding:

Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, whether you are in a church or an outdoor venue, and whether it is a day or night ceremony.  You don’t want your guests sitting through a two-hour wedding.  The ceremony needs to be meaningful for you, but, nonetheless, keep it short and sweet.  You don’t want your guests wishing they’d brought seat cushions to your big day. 


In Between the Wedding and Reception: 

Many people don’t give adequate attention to the time between the ceremony and the reception.    Don’t let this dead time be dread time.  If you have two different venues, allow enough time for guests to get from one place to the next.  But, don’t allow too much time either, so your guests have to dream up ways to kill time.  If there are a few hours in between, create a local scavenger hunt.  Create a bingo card, and have your guests stop at local vendors to get a stamp and check out the area.  Time will fly before their eyes.  If you have the ceremony and the reception in the same area, make sure you have something for guests to do if the bridal party needs to take photos.  Make sure there are appetizers and beverages; having music also helps to keep your guests occupied.  


At the Reception: 

Have a variety of food available to your guests.  This could be fish, chicken, steak, pasta – you name it!  Also, make sure there is enough food for everyone; hungry guests are unhappy guests.  When toasts are given at the reception, people love to hear what the bridal party and family have to say.  That means it is important to be certain that everyone can hear; make sure there is a microphone available or that the people who are speaking project their voices so all can hear. Image


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