Preparing For Mother Nature: Bug Off (1 of 3):

When planning for a wedding, keep the Mother of the Bride in mind and give due attention to the Mother of the Groom, but prepare for Mother Nature.  Being swarmed by bugs during a wedding ceremony bites.  CBE has some great tips to keep the bugs away.  

Before the Wedding: 

If you have the time and money, have a professional exterminator treat the area 1-2 weeks before your ceremony.  There are less expensive ways to address these pests as well.  

Putting fans around the venue is one option; this will keep the air moving and help keep the bugs away.  You can also set up repellant candles or torches beforehand and light them at night; these are made specifically to help keep the flying nuisances at bay. 

For You and Your Guests: 

When getting ready for the big day, don’t use scented body wash or hair spray.  Also, stay away from sweet perfumes; the sweeter the smell, the more the mosquitos will love you.  To prevent gnats or mosquitos from coming after you and your guests, provide mini bug-spray bottles or towelettes.  To go with your theme, you can put them in colorful packaging and hand them out as favors.  You could also give out hand-held fans that  match your wedding colors.


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