Preparing for Mother Nature: Staying Dry (2 of 3):

Rain, rain go away.  That is a phrase all brides think of if it starts raining on their big day.  But Mother Nature may not let up, and it may rain.  Rule number one – you must have a back up plan, in case the weather is too bad for your events to be held outdoors. If there is a chance of rain on your big day, here a few creative ways you can prepare.  

Before the Ceremony:

Your safest bet may be to have a tent or some awnings.  Even if there is no rain, people may appreciate a spot of shade.  Consider placing some hay or straw bales on the perimeter of your venue.  If there Is rain, they may prevent some puddles and soak up some of the downpour. Some kind of ground cover, boards or runners, will keep fancy shoes out of the mud too.


If the likelihood of rain is great, get matching or monogrammed clear umbrellas for you and your wedding party.  If it does rain, your wedding party will be matching (and dry).  If the showers hold off, the umbrellas can still look great in wedding photos.  Also, you can ask members of your wedding party and close family to all bring their umbrellas.  Gather the umbrellas and display them in a bright container or two for guests to use.  


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