Preparing for Mother Nature: Bring on the Heat (3 of 3):

Whether you’re in an Arizona desert or facing a Wisconsin heat wave, beating the heat during an outdoor wedding is tricky.  Keep your guests happy by keeping them cool. 


We don’t mean shot after shot, or hitting a beer keg.  But water, lemonade and other non-alcoholic drinks are must.  Make sure no one gets dehydrated.  Sick or passed out folks at the wedding or reception is not a good thing!  And that includes you and the wedding party!  Make sure you have plenty of hydrating drinks.  For as much alcohol that is available, have twice that amount of water.   


Cool Down: 

Provide spray bottles – a little mist is a good thing.  Have wet wash cloths available for people to wrap around their necks.  You can display them in a cute way, so they don’t look like a pile of rags.  Also, use our program fan idea as well; each guest can have a personal fan. 

Or, if at all possible, set up fans around the area to create more airflow 


Get out of the sun!

Last but not least, provide shade if at all possible.  This could be a tent, sun umbrellas, or some trees.  If you can’t do that, make sure you have sunscreen on hand for guests, so they don’t burn! 


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