Planning a Destination Wedding: The Location (1 of 2):

Many dream of a beautiful destination wedding whether it’s Ireland, Hawaii, Australia, or some other favorite place. You may know exactly where you want to go, but sometimes deciding can be difficult. There are a few factors that may help you figure out where you want to go.
First off, how far you want to go will have an impact on how many family and friends you should invite, and how many will realistically be able to attend. Make sure your hotel/resort has all of the right accommodations. Think through what activities will be happening for the wedding – but also what activities your guests may want to do in their free time. Choose a resort that suites the needs of the guests coming (ie. lots of kids, or is it all adults, etc.) Another factor that may affect where you choose to have a destination wedding is timing. Having a destination wedding in the winter (over the Holidays) or the summer are often the better times. This is because more people may be more likely to have off of work or school at that time.

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