Real CBE Event: Saris 25/40 Anniversary // June 29, 2014

Cocktails, great food, live music, a surprise from the UW Marching Band, walking the red carpet to a stage tent where you enjoy a show, and to top it off – a secret surprise…a special custom designed bike…for every Saris team member. What a party! What a fun and meaningful event! Happy Anniversary Saris! Thank you for having CBE be a part of it, and thank you to the wonderful team of vendors! Majic ProductionsLombardino’sA to Z Event Essentialsdaffodil parkerSugar River StationersLaura Zastrow Photography

Photography credit – Laura Zastrow Photography (thank you for the great pictures!)

10526076_830398683638235_2051886402050791949_n 10491108_830398693638234_1741014195030717127_n10565184_830398686971568_4015183958292498788_n10410197_830398716971565_3040051792089765864_n   10520755_830398763638227_8914576994105983888_n 10565017_830398766971560_1039188924853086793_n 10536919_830398770304893_833537744902581448_n 10556393_830398723638231_3879078144090784669_n 5312_830398810304889_1042120586797023301_n 10433087_830398830304887_3632693221135158825_n 10541942_830398896971547_2693106483202054823_n  10527384_830398846971552_3675855406248199805_n10533551_830398946971542_5187133387388036667_n 10565097_830398973638206_6583654530551187013_n10411852_830399013638202_2593555370583501801_n  10449460_830398836971553_2809936914644125929_n 10527788_830398720304898_5534542871398344201_n

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