How to Conquer the Guest List: Deciding On Inviting Children

After the groom pops the question and the bride says yes, we all think the stress is over. Unfortunately, there comes the next big discussion of the guest list. Specifically dealing with extending the invitation to children. Luckily, there are some options that can help ease this controversial topic and limit the havoc it may cause among guests. These will allow for the bride to sit back and enjoy her wedding planning process!

First option is extending the invitation to ONLY children within the family. This can be nieces, nephews, and cousins. This way all family members children are invited and no one feels left out. The important thing to note here is that it is ONLY family members. This guideline highly suggest staying away from inviting a few close friends children. By sticking to just children in the family other guests can understand no one outside of the family was able to bring children. Make sure to stand strong and draw the line just at family!

The second option is to invite only children in the wedding party. Meaning any children that are either a junior bridesmaid, flower girl, or ring bearer. This limits the children attending the wedding. Family members and other guests will welcome the idea when they understand no children outside of the wedding party are allowed at the wedding. This is one of the best options if the bride wants a children-free ceremony and reception.

The third option is to invite all the guests children. It is hard to limit to just family and some close friends. It makes the guests question why their kids weren’t invited when they see a group of kids running around. To avoid conflict if you are inviting children outside of the family, the best option is to extend an invitation to the rest of the guests children.

Whatever option the couple chooses on their big day it is important to draw the line! It needs to be clearly defined of what children are allowed. Some guest may ask or include their children in the RSVP, so be prepared to stick to your decision. After all it is the bride’s big day, so it is her choice in the end!


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