Meet Cherry Blossom’s New Intern: Hannah

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On our honeymoon in Seattle, WA

Hello! My name is Hannah. I am excited to join the Cherry Blossom team! I am originally from Minneapolis, MN. My husband and I moved to Madison two years ago and we love it here!

We were married summer of 2012 in Minneapolis. The memories of wedding planning still seem fresh. And this might sound crazy, but if I could, I would do it all over again. We had a blast! And that is what I wish for every bride and groom. Your wedding day is incredibly special, and your commitment to one another in marriage should be celebrated!


In my free time, I enjoy cooking and decorating. I proclaim myself as a “foodie,” but that is solely based on my own definition, and that is, “I love food.” My husband and I like trying new dishes, and you will often find me researching cookbooks, magazines, and recipe sites. I also enjoy decorating and design. My poor husband often comes home to me re-“feng-shui-ing” our apartment. Rain or shine you will frequently find me in the backyard refurbishing some street-side find, or a thrift shop goodie.

Favorite Famous Wedding:

Brides-to-be: do not make the same mistake I did the week of my wedding. And that is, watching Father of the Bride with your parents. Unless you are looking for a cathartic cry from all the stress of planning, this movie will guarantee tears. However, Father of the Bride remains one of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite Hollywood weddings. It is elegant and extravagant, yet intimate and classy. I love the details, the colors, and the traditional beauty of the event. Though this movie is from 1991, there are some classic elements that should not be dismissed twenty-three years later. They include: the simplicity of elegance, lots of candlelight, and comfortable shoes!

Favorite Color Pallet:

I am a simple gal. When I was getting married people would ask, “What are your colors?” I would reply, “I don’t think I have any.” Well, I guess you could say we had a black and white wedding. Truth is, I was afraid to dive into color, fearing that my decisions in 2012 would haunt me in 2032. Yet, that is not the point. Your wedding should reflect who you as a couple in the present. No matter what, I think every bride will go through phases of: “I loved my colors!” “What was I thinking?!” and, “I loved my colors!” My current favorite color pallets are navy with bright and colorful flowers (sunflowers included), or mint with cream and silver (I am thinking hydrangeas or a mixture of field flowers), or blush with cream and gold (with a beautiful arrangement of baby’s breath and soft greens tied with gold twine).

Favorite Wedding Trend:

Unconventional desserts! Though I am a cake-lover, it is fun to go to a wedding and have something sweetly unexpected.

Matt and Hannah June 22, 2012 CR KJP  772

Taking the first bite before my husband. I cannot resist treats!

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