Cake Connoisseurs: To Top it All Off

Keep the personalization of your wedding day going all the way to the top, to the top of the cake that is! A wedding cake topper is like a cherry on top of a sundae. It truly pulls together the whole cake into one beautiful masterpiece. However, a lot of brides are steering away form the traditional bride and groom cake topper. With these these new trends, it will be a piece of cake to find a topper that expresses your love on your big day!

Monograms: Finally, the day has come where you both share the same last time! What a great way to represent you both as couple with a monogram of your initials. Tie in the theme of the wedding by incorporating it into the monogram cake topper. Some design examples could include rustic wood, sparkles or for my sweet tooth’s made of chocolate. Yum!

custom-wedding-cake-topper-monogram-silver__full monograms

Silhouettes: This new trend is a simple black silhouette cut out of the bride and groom. This unique idea captures the two love birds with an elegant touch! You can have the two sharing a kiss or dancing on top of their beautiful cake. A great keepsake as well!

Words: This options gives quite a variety on what the couple wants their cake to display. The words you can choose can be written in wooden hearts, made of metal, or displayed on paper flags stuck into the cake. Although there are many words to choose from some ideas are “We Do”, “Better Together’, and “All You Need is Love”.

x354 il_340x270.643120161_900z
Flowers: A simple and romantic addition to top of the delicious cake! A new trend is it include a mini bouquet representing the bride’s actual bouquet. What a great way to bring together the ceremony and reception with the same design elements! For our flower fanatics coordinate more flowers into the middle layers to really make the cake pop! Keep in mind flowers can be either fresh or edible sugar paste.
cake1453 blush-ivory-lace-wedding-cake-flower-topper


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