Elements of the Ceremony: Unique Unities (1 of 2)

The Unity Candle:

Traditionally, a unity candle represents two people becoming one in marriage by lighting one flame and distinguishing their individual flames. While this is a beautiful representation of the commitment made to one another, some people have started to get quite creative when displaying their union.

Matt and Hannah June 22, 2012 CR KJP  548
The Unity Sand:

There are multiple takes on this one. Often times, people will take dirt or sand from where they grew up and pour it into a vase, an hourglass, or a shadow box. Another option is to incorporate colors that represent the bride and groom. These concepts are to display unification of origin.

sand ceremony wedding Cindy Cieluch Photography 1The Unity Tree:

This is much like the unity sand. Usually people use dirt from their hometown and pour it into the planter. However, if that is not conducive to helping the growth of the tree, using planting soil is just fine.

The First Fight Box:

The bride and groom write love letters to one another and place them in a box. During the ceremony, they nail the box closed to represent their unification. When the husband and wife encounter marital challenges, they are to open this box and be reminded of their love and commitment to one another.
Unknown“Tying the Knot”: Handfasting

Handfasting is a Celtic tradition in which the bride and groom are tied together by rope. Holding hands symbolizes intimacy and the wedding officiant ties the rope, representing their union. For further details, check out this site.
handfastingA Cord with Three Strands:

This unity is based on the Biblical scripture in the book of Ecclesiastes, verse 4:12. The strands represent the bride, groom and God. During the ceremony, the bride and groom braid the three strands and tie the bottom.
Gods-KnotThe Family Prayer:

The family prayer can be used as the unity, or can be incorporated into the ceremony while still displaying unification in another way. The bride and groom can choose who they want to come to the front of the ceremony and pray or provide words of wisdom and encouragement over them. Generally, the bride and groom’s parents will be part of this. However, there are no limits, as this is a very intimate moment.

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