Relive Your Big Day: Recalling the Reception (1 of 3)

As exciting as the wedding day is, it comes and goes in a flash! A tremendous amount of money, time, and energy has gone into planning this wonderful day, so why let the memories fade. Whether it is 3 months from now or a year later, there are so many great ways for the bride and groom to relive their big day. These first ideas are ways for the couple to remember their reception. It is hard to soak in all the elements when they are mingling with all their guests, filling up on great food, and dancing the night away.

GuestBook Piñata: This unique suggestion allows for the bride and groom to capture moments that were apart of their big day that others enjoyed! It is hard to remember what every guest complimented or enjoyed when the couple is focused on finally being married! This guestbook idea helps the couple to have reminder of what their guest found special and loved about the wedding day! The way this guestbook works is the guest each take a slip of paper and write down what they enjoyed about the couple’s wedding day! Have the guest sign the slip and shovel in some confetti as well! This is a fun and memorable way to see what was special about your day, relive memories, and reminder about who got to share the big day with you! You will never know what moments you might have missed while you are taking photos or talking to guests! Also, make it a game with your partner. Whoever cracks the piñata fist gets to pick the next date!

Check out this website for some gorgeous wedding piñata ideas!


Music Mix: When choosing your first dance song, father-daughter dance, and more there are a lot of options out there. As the years go on, you don’t want to forget or mix up what those special songs were. This music mix is a fabulous way to relive the music that was played on your wedding night. All you need to do is ask the D.J. or band to write you a set list for those special songs! This could be a great playlist when you are on a long road trip, making dinner together, or just when you want to sit back and relax with your loved one! Those butterflies and emotions will sure to float back and take you back to that very moment! Another option, a great anniversary gift as well if you keep it a secret from the other!




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