Relive Your Big Day: Food For Thought (2 of 3)

As our last blog post mentioned, the memories of our wedding day will last forever. But sometimes we have to think of different ways to keep those fresh in our mind. Not only are photos a great way to bring yourself back to that day, but what about the elements we can’t capture in a picture? A common tradition that helps couples overcome this obstacle is saving the top layer of their wedding cake. Couples are able to freeze their cake and typically eat it on their 1 year anniversary. This idea allows for them to bring back memories in a special way. Sharing each bite and recalling the activities and events that occurred on the day they officially become a married couple! To add some variety to this tradition, why not create a dinner menu based off the wedding night as well. This idea can combine the wine or signature drinks they had, appetizers, dinner, and dessert. The couple will have a complete menu that with every bite will bring them back to that night.

signature-cocktails-sign Stults-Wedding-Menu-Detail
Also, a fabulous new trend is having the couple’s cake made into an ornament/mini sculpture. This idea does so much more than just a photo. It gives the couple a 3D replica of their one-of-a-kind cake. This miniature clay-replica can be sculpted from just a few photos. Some ideas are to bring it out on the holidays, display on a daily basis, or even have it created before hand for a very unique cake topper! Another great surprise gift for your sweetheart on your anniversary! Check out this page for more information on the cake replicas!

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