Relive Your Big Day: Girls Night Out (3 of 3)

All the hype around the wedding day centers around the ceremony and reception, but what about all the work and fun before that? It is important as we mentioned in the previous blog posts to recall those once in a life time memories as a couple. But the memories of the big day also include dress shopping, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and much more! So why relive just one aspect of the wedding process, when there are several elements that made it so special!

Dress Shopping Reenactment:
Obviously a bridesmaid dress and a wedding dress are expensive purchases the bridal party makes for the wedding. So why not “reuse” the dresses and have a fashion show with the bride and her bridesmaids. Throw in some miscellaneous new dresses or even some hideous outdated dress up clothes. Make it fun with some junk food, drinks, and a great playlist. Memories and fun stories from the wedding and dress shopping experience are sure to surface.

Bachelorette Night Take Two:
Although the bride won’t be able to flaunt a “bride to be” sash this time around, don’ t that stop the fun. Trying have an after wedding bachelorette party. Did you miss one of the fun bars that night? Here is the perfect time to go there and party extra hard for that night missed there! Also, try and take a new spin on the party. Make it a theme or make crazy “after-wedding-math” sashes for the bridal party! This can be a fun way to get the girls back together, stay in touch with the bridesmaids, and let loose as a married woman!


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