4 Unique Guestbook Ideas

Historically guest books are used to keep track of attendance at your wedding, and traditionally an address book is used. While this is greatly helpful when writing thank-you’s, brides and grooms are utilizing unique items and art for memorable keepsakes to display in their home.

Happy Birthday!

This is an ingenious way to keep track of friends and families’ birthdays! Find a calendar you love, and have guests sign their names on their birthdays. This way, you will never be giving belated birthday wishes.


Bon Voyage!

Collect postcards wherever you go, or from right where you live. Use these as your guestbook. Every time you look through this trunk of cards, you will be reminded of warm memories of those you love.


A Slice of History

Utilizing a beautiful section of a tree, this guestbook idea is a take on the classic carving of one’s initials in a tree. It makes a beautiful display in one’s home.


For the Foodie Couple

If you love to cook and want a unique way to display your guestbook, utilize a blak apron as a guestbook that can be displayed in your kitchen!

Untitled2 apron


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