Single Location Advantages: Ceremony and Reception

We are seeing more and more couples who are deciding to go with one venue to have both the ceremony and the reception. There are such positives to both options – either doing it all at one venue, or having the ceremony at one place and the reception at the other. Some couples enjoy having the two different venues that go into their day, providing two different experiences and tones. While others decide they don’t want to have guests travel maybe because many are from out of town and don’t have vehicles, etc. A lot of couples are choosing this idea for more convenience if that’s important to them.

One positive of having both at the same location is you are not trying to match up dates where both venues have the same date available. The single location will ensure that the whole day is catered to the couple, with no other event getting in the way. Also, the couples will have an easier time coordinating all the vendors. The vendors will all report to one location. Everything can be seen and handled at one place.

Another big advantage is traveling. The guest will not have to worry about transportation or getting lost. If you decide to do two locations – you could always provide transportation to guests to alleviate this as well. Guests can relax without having to stress over time and travel issues. If you decide you don’t want to leave to take off-site pictures, than your one venue really does become all-inclusive. Maybe it’s one that has lots of areas for you and your photographer to take Bridal Party pictures, etc. – so you don’t have to leave to take pictures in between ceremony and reception.

The last big advantage is in terms of set up and decor. Because of one location you may find that you can emphasize areas with decor more because it may be seen more than one time (less ground to cover). In any situation whether two locations or one – as wedding planners we are always trying to reuse flowers & decor as possible but when at one location you may find you can put it all into one place.

Here are some links of locations that work well for this idea!


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