Thanksgiving Weddings: A New Holiday Tradition (1 of 2)

With the holidays right around the corner we begin to think of all that we are thankful for: family, friends, and fiancés! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to spend time with the ones you love. Although, this time of the year is full of love, it is considered “wedding off season”. But as many people are seeing the advantages of having a fall and holiday wedding, thanksgiving time is becoming a more popular time of year for weddings!

One of the biggest advantages of a Thanksgiving wedding is pertaining to the guest list. It can be difficult for many couples to have everyone they dreamed of at their wedding as family and friends may be living in different areas. However, during the holidays many people already plan vacation time and are headed home. The couple will have less stress and effort on making their guest list perfect.

Not to mention that a lot of venues will already be decorated during the holidays. This adds a nice touch throughout the whole event. It’s also a way to help save money, which is especially important during the holiday season. Thanksgiving décor is very natural, comforting, and elegant and would fit great with any fall, thanksgiving inspired wedding.

One question many brides may have is how to incorporate Thanksgiving into the big day? One of our favorite ideas so far is within the dessert; Thanksgiving isn’t complete without pie! Not only are there other wonderful fall-inspired treats, but the idea of mini pies or a pie bar is an elegant way of tying back in the holiday. Everyone can grab a few of their favorites and sample something they may not have tried before! An even better idea, ask a family member to use a family recipe to bake the pies as their gift to you (if your venue allows this). A great way to share a family tradition.


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