Thanksgiving Wedding: Make A Wish (2 of 2)

In our last blog post we had mentioned a few advantages to having a Thanksgiving wedding. If those didn’t win you over, we have even more ideas on why this holiday is a wonderful day to celebrate the marriage of two lovebirds. As we mentioned late fall isn’t in the typical “wedding season”, but this allows for a wide variety of options for the couple to choose from. Great venues may offer discounts on rental fees and/or food and beverage in this slower time of year. The holiday is a time for parties, so some caterers offer a special holiday catering menu.  This “holiday catering” may be less expensive than the traditional “wedding catering”. Another great way to save money during the holidays! People are always looking for a great meal on Thanksgiving, why not have your wedding be the place they enjoy their holiday meal?

Still pondering on the question of what ideas you can use to tie in Thanksgiving theme? Allow the guest to feel a part of the big day by having one of the party favors be a wishbone! The guest will be able to make a wish that they can hope to come try this next year. The New Year is closing in on us and we all have a list of hopes, dreams, and wishes. This idea can put a smile on any guests’ face, no matter who they are! It also acts as a little extra décor for the table in a tasteful way.

These are just a few of the unique ideas that a Thanksgiving wedding can offer. Check out these pictures and website for more!

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