Wedding Timeline: One Year Out (Series 1 of 3)

Being newly engaged is one of the most exciting things that can make happen to us! As the flood of congratulations come in, it is easy forget that the big day can creep up on us quickly! After the excitement dies down, we may find ourselves at a stand still. Where do I even begin planning? Should I find the venue, select my bridal party, or book my band first? There can be a lot of confusion on where and when to start. So we have provided a timeline that breaks down the planning process from one year to 3 months before your wedding day. No need to sweat, this will help make you at ease and bring you back to the excitement!

This post will include a timeline from 12-8 months before the big day. Of course, there is no exact timeline or order, but we have found this breakdown is helpful to create a wonderful wedding day.

  • 1 year before the couple should do most of the following:
  • First things first, celebrate of course!
  • Envision your wedding and start to create a budget.
  • Think about a “planning team”. This is where you may consider hiring a wedding planner! If so, they may manage this planning timeline for you.
  • Select a wedding date and time. (Make sure to have different choices and check with venues, officiant, and important guests, then confirm the date)
  • Book your ceremony and reception venues.
  • A tedious task, but important to start planning the guest list.
  • Ask friends and relatives to be in the wedding party.

8-10 Months before the couple should complete the following:

  • Book the catering (if not tied to venue), musicians, entertainment, and photography
  • Reserve hotels for out of town guests
  • One of the memory making tasks; bridesmaid dress shopping
  • Design and send save-the-date cards (between 6-10 months in advance); important all dates and times are confirmed before doing so!
  • And of course, say yes to the dress!!

Some other ideas within this timeline are register for gifts, and start planning a honeymoon if that is in your budget!




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