Thank You: Make Your Guests Smile

Saying Thanks At The Reception

Place it on the napkin: Incorporating a sweet thank you note on the place settings allows the guest to feel appreciated at the beginning of the night. They will feel the love right from the start! Also, this idea gives a little extra detail and design element to the décor of the tables. Including hues of the color scheme, elegant writing, or even a humorous thank you can go a long way! Remember keep it to the theme and your personality as a couple!


Simply Sweet Thanks: Whether it is a “thank you” note sticking out of a cupcake or a package of homemade macaroons with a thank you tag, guests will simply love these edible ways of saying thanks! These dessert ideas are yummy and tasteful which are sure to have a sweet effect on your guests. There are a ton of ideas to include a thank you message with your desserts – who doesn’t love a sweet treat after a long night of dancing?

food_favours_1 food_favours_2

Saying Thank You After The Wedding Day

Take a photo: Why not use one of your wedding photos to say thanks to your guest? You can also include a cute thank you sign or banner to add a special touch. These photos capture the greatest memories and keep the love going long after the day is finished!


Personalize it: No better way to say thank you than to feature a photo of your guest at your wedding day. This shows how important they are to and how much it meant they were able to be a part of your wedding day! This idea truly shows how thankful you are for each and every one of your guests! This is a great idea if you had a photo booth which makes it much easier to get fun snapshots for the cards!

Creative Hand Stamped Cards: This still gives the card a bit of creativity and personalization. This may be better suited for a larger wedding than photos of each guest as we mentioned before. Using different rubber stamps can give the card a variety of messages, colors, and designs. If you are a DIY bride this is a great idea – the stamps can also be used for different elements on the big day such as napkins, save the dates, coasters, etc.




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